Amalie Elixir Full Synthetic

Amalie Elixir Full Synthetic oils are a premium, full synthetic high performance motor oil. They are formulated for high mileage, light truck and passenger car gasoline/diesel engines.

  • Designed to protect engines that operate under the most extreme conditions.
  • Fortified to meet the oxidation and thermal stability needs of hot running engines.
  • Formulated to a higher detergency level that provides outstanding performance
  • Recommended for use in High Performance 4-cycle motor cycle engines.
  • Suitable for use in the most current ACEA applications.
  • Approved for diesel particulate filter (DPF).
  • Recommended for all Gasoline/Diesel Engines latest warranty requirements of manufacturers around the world, including, U.S., Japanese, Korean, and European manufacturers specifying API Service: SN, SM/CF ILSAC GF-5 Consult owner’s manual for correct viscosity grade.

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