Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid


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This new and advanced Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is the latest technology for a more powerful, more robust stand-alone universal CVT fluid required by the new class of larger and more powerful CVT transmissions. It is engineered to meet the performance requirements of most American, European, Korean, Japanese and other transmissions manufactured around the world. It is designed to provide excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure protection as well as “stay-in-grade” viscosity performance. It has improved seal-swell protection; wet-clutch performance and much improved anti-shudder and anti-scuffing durability that lead to longer transmission life and quieter, more vibration operation. Built tough to offer superior metal-to-metal wear protection for both chain and belt type transmissions. Amalie Universal CVT fluid takes the guess work out of which CVT fluid to use in any CVT application – the one single fluid with superior technology for all CVT applications.

  • Audi/VW (TL 52180;G052 180 A2)
  • BMW 83 22 0 136 376, 83 22 0 429 154
  • Chrysler CVTF+4 •Daihatsu CVT Fluid TC, Amix Fluid DC
  • Dodge/Jeep (NS-2/CVTF+4)
  • Ford CVT WSS-M2C-933-A (XT-7QCFT)
  • Ford (CVT23) (CVT30/Mercon C)
  • Fujijyuuko I-CVT Fluid, FG
  • GM/Saturn (DEX-CVT)
  • Honda Multimatic Fluid (HMMF)
  • •Hyundai/Kia (SP-III)
  • Nissan CVT (NS-1, NS-2)
  • Mercedes Benz (236.20)
  • Mini Cooper (EZL 799)
  • Mitsubishi (CVTF-J1/SP-III)
  • Mitsubishi Diaqueen Fluid J-1
  • Subaru (NS-2/Lineartronic CVTF)
  • Suzuki (TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1)
  • Toyota CVT Fluid TC
  • VW TL 521 80 (G 052 180)