Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid


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Amalie Universal Synthetic Transmission Fluid

** Not Recommended for Use: Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) (see Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid) or Dual Clutch Transmissions Fluid ).

Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 
Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid and is now reformulated with even more universal applications in modern traditional Automatic Transmissions. It is by far the most dynamic member of Amalie’s family of high performance automatic transmission fluids. It is the latest iteration of the fluid that changed the ATF market – the one premium ATF that became known for its rugged dependability, and as the inventory optimizer. With the exception of CVT fluids and Duel Clutch Fluids (DCT), the new Amalie Universal Synthetic ATF will come with broader and more universal coverage for the more traditional planetary-gear transmissions. By separating out the CVT application, Amalie is able to endorse performance applications for many more European, Korean, Japanese and U. S. heavy-duty transmission applications than ever before – not just the newer and more demanding transmissions, we are now able to recommend Amalie Oil Company’s Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for all conventional automatic transmissions – old and new. It is a special blend of synthetic base oils coupled with a multi-functional additive system and advanced friction modifiers to provide unsurpassed protection and reliable performance for all types of automatic transmissions, power steering units and hydraulic systems manufactured by virtually all of the automotive and transmission manufactures from around the world – the one fluid that replaces the confusion about which fluid to use in a multitude of automatic transmissions.

  • Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is such a superior transmission fluid that it may be used wherever established fluids are required or specified by all OEMs around the world including but not limited to General Motors approved Dexron® fluids including Dexron® VI and GM T-IV; Ford Motor Company’s Mercon® approved fluids including Mercon® V, Mercon® SP and Mercon® ; Honda ATF-Z1, VTM-4, DW-1, DPF, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Diamond SP II, SP III, SP-IV, and Toyota T-IV and WS and many others. Extensive laboratory and field testing has proven this superior automatic transmission fluid meets or exceeds the performance requirements of automatic transmissions manufactured by American, European, Japanese, Korean, and most other vehicle manufactures around the world – it is truly universal and truly the one fluid you can use worldwide.
  • Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is compatible with traditional automatic transmission fluids whether used as a top-off or in a complete fluid change. Today’s automatic transmission fluids must help vehicles attain improved fuel economy performance, offer better anti-wear performance and much better anti-shudder performance. Because of new, superior, more durable and much more sophisticated state-of-the-art chemistry, Amalie Oil Company’s new and improved Universal Synthetic Automatic transmission fluid offers better anti-shudder durability, better friction stability, better anti-wear protection, better oxidation stability and better low temperature operation than the already great fluid it replaces. Amalie Oil Company’s recent research led to advances in friction modifier technology, and those advances along with a new optimized viscosity formula are some of the reasons we can claim improvements in fuel economy. Amalie’s new robust additive system resists degradation and that, along with improvements in seal swell protection, lead to longer fluid life which is perfect for those so-called filled-for-life.

The Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a dynamic, multi-functional fluid. This product will continue to meet the performance requirements of most worldwide manufactures’ transmissions, even if they are not listed below.

Questions about a specific application? Contact John DiSilvestri: 813-248-1988 ext. 252.

*The chart below lists suitable for use applications

  • ATF Type A-Suffix A
  • Aisin Warner AW-1, JWS 3309, 3314, 3317, 3324
  • Aisin Warner SCS, M315 A-1, T-IV
  • Acura ATF-Z1 (VTM-4)
  • Allison C-3, C-4, TES-295, TES-389
  • Alfa Romeo (all vehicles*)
  • American Motors ATF+3(MS7176-E), ATF+4(MS 9602)
  • Audi 5HP (18FL,19FL, 24A, 30), 6HP(1375.4), LT71141
  • Audi G-055-025-A2 ,G-052-162-A1, A2, G-052-990-A2,
  • Audi G-055-005-A2, G-055-162-A2, G-060-162-A2
  • BMW 83 22 0 397 (114), 83 22 9 400 (272,275)
  • BMW Mini 83 22 0 402 413, Mini 83 22 7 542 290
  • BMW 83 22 0 403 (248,249), 83 22 0 142 516
  • BMW 83 22 2 152 426
  • BWM 83 22 9 407 (738, 765, 807,858,859)
  • BMW 5HP (18FL,19FL, 24A, 30), 6HP(1375.4), LA2634
  • BMW ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B, N402, LT71141
  • Caterpillar Power Shift TO-2
  • Esso LT 71141 (Daewoo LT 71141)
  • Fiat (all vehicles*), Type T-IV
  • GM Dexron® II, II-D, III, III-G, III-H, TASA
  • GM Dexron® VI
  • GM T-IV (Saturn T-IV)
  • GM Transfer Fluid 12378515 (Transynd® applications)
  • GM Transfer case 12378396
  • GM Transfer case 12378508
  • Honda ATF-Z1, VTM-4, DW-1, DPF
  • Hyundai SP-II, SP- III, SP-IV, SPH-IV, NWS-9638,
  • Hyundai SPH-IV RR, SP4-M
  • Idemitsu K17, Jatco 3100 PL085, ATF Red 1
  • Infinity Matic–D, Matic-J, Matic-K, Matic-S, Matic-W
  • Isuzu Besco, ATF –II, ATF-III (also see Aisin Warner)
  • Jaguar ZF 5HP24, ZF 6HP26, LT71141, JLM20238
  • Jaguar M1375.4, ATF 3403 M115, JLM21044
  • JASO M315 Type 1-A, 1-A-LV
  • Jatco 3100 PL085
  • Jeep ATF+3, ATF+4, AS 68 RC (T-IV)
  • JWS 3309, JWS 3314, JWS 3317, JWS 3324
  • Kia SP-II, SP-III, SP-IV, ATF Red 1 (see JWS)
  • Lexus Type T, T-II, T-III, T-IV, WS (JWS 3324)
  • MAN 339 A,F, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, Z3
  • Mazda ATF-M III, ATF M-3, ATF-MV, F-1
  • Mazda V (XT-9-QMM5, FNR 5)
  • MB 236.1,236.2,236.3,236.5,236.6,236.7,236.81,236.9
  • MB 236.10,236.11,236.12(NAG1/2),236.14(Sprinter)
  • MB 236.15, 236.41, 236.91
  • MB 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6, 722.9
  • Mini Cooper T-IV (see also BMW)
  • Mitsubishi Diamond SP II, SP III, SP-IV, Dia Queen J2,
  • Mitsubishi ATF-J3 / Dia Queen J3 / ATF-PA
  • Mopar AS 68 RC (T-IV)
  • Nissan Matic–D, Matic-J, Matic-K, Matic-S, Matic-W
  • Nissan 402
  • Opel 19 40 700, 19 40 707, 19 40 767
  • Peugeot ZF 4HP200, AL-4
  • Porsche ZF 5HP19FL, ATF 3403-M115, T-IV
  • Renault DP-0
  • Renk-Doromat
  • SAAB JWS 3309, 93 165 146, 93 165 147
  • Scion (all vehicles*)
  • Shell 3403, 3353, LA 2634, ATF-134
  • Shell M-1375.4, M-1375.5, M-1375.6, M-12108
  • Subaru ATF, AT-HP
  • Suzuki ATF 3309, 3314, 3317
  • Texaco ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B, N402
  • Toyota Type T, T-II, T-III, T-IV. Type D-2
  • Toyota WS (JWS 3324)
  • Toyota Prius (WS)
  • Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S
  • Voith G607 (55.6335.XX) G1363 (55.6336.XX)
  • Voith Turbo, ZF, Ecomat, ZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 04D,
  • Voith 05L, 09, 11B, ZF TE-ML 14 A,B,C , 16L, 17C
  • Volvo 97340, 97341, 1161521, 1161540, 1161640
  • Volvo 1161621, 31256774, 31256675
  • Volvo T-IV
  • VW 5HP (18FL,19FL, 24A, 30), 6HP(1375.4), LT71141
  • VW G-055-025-A2, G-052-162-A1, A2, G-052-990-A2
  • VW G-055-005-A2, G-055-162-A2, G-060-162-A2
  • VW G 055 540 A2
  • VW TL 521 62, TL 52533, G 055 540
  • ZF S671 090 255 (6-Speed)
  • ZF TE-ML 16M, 20B, 20C, 21L
  • ZF S671 090 255 (6-Speed), 8HP (8-Speed)
  • ZF TE-ML 16M, 20B, 20C, 21L, 9HP (9Speed)