Amalie Elixir 5W20 Dexos1 Full Synthetic Oil – 12-1 quarts


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Amalie Elixir 5w20 dexos1 full synthetic oil offers the ultimate in engine protection for both gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles. Formulated with state of the art additives and 100% synthetic base stocks, Amalie Elixir has been carefully developed for engine security in the most extreme driving conditions and ambient operating temperatures. Amalie Elixir exceeds the stringent lubricating performance requirements of American, European, and Japanese engine manufacturers. Designed to protect engines that operate under the most extreme conditions. Fortified to meet the oxidation and thermal stability needs of hot running engines. Formulated to a higher detergency level that provides outstanding performance Recommended for use in High Performance 4-cycle motor cycle engines. Suitable for use in the most current ACEA applications. Approved for diesel particulate filter (DPF). Recommended for all Gasoline/Diesel Engines latest warranty requirements of manufacturers around the world, including, U.S., Japanese, Korean, and European manufacturers specifying API Service: SN, SM/CF ILSAC GF-5 Consult owner’s manual for correct viscosity grade. dexos1® is specifically engineered and licensed to meet the stringent GM dexos1® engine oil specification, as well as all of the specifications outlined for the AMALIE Elixir Full-Synthetic motor oils.